17 Oct 2002

Solomons government wants Israeli police advisor

6:10 pm on 17 October 2002

The Solomon Islands government plans to engage Israel in its process to strengthen the police.

The plan aims at hiring an Israeli advisor to work with the Australian and New Zealand experts in place in Honiara.

George Atkin reports.

"A reliable source from the Ministry of Police and National Security says the government wants to engage Israel because it is known world wide as a country with credible security and intelligence activities. He says the government had engaged an Israeli police officer to train members of the field force, stationed at the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea common border during the recent Bouganville secessionist uprising, how to combat enemies. The source says the government had been impressed with the Israeli police officer and that it would like Israel to send an adviser to compliment a team of police advisers from Australia and New Zealand now in Honiara under the police re-strengthening and reform programme. The Australian government finances the project."