21 Oct 2002

Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia has praises the revitalisation of the Solomons police

7:19 am on 21 October 2002

The Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia, Sir Ellison Pogo, has praised the revitalisation of the Solomon Islands Police Force.

Speaking at the opening of the Church of Melanesia's tenth General Synod in Honiara, Sir Ellison said that during the lawlessness period experienced by Solomon Islands, residents looked to the police for a quick solution.

But the Solomon Island's Broadcasting Corporation quotes the Archbishop as saying the country's police force had suffered more than the rest of the community and had been criticised every day.

Sir Ellison said the police force was making excellent progress in resolving its internal problems and there are signs of a much improved morale and consequently more work was being done.

The Archbishop said the police force needed people's support, not criticism.