30 Oct 2002

Fiji riot squad to get a make over

6:21 pm on 30 October 2002

The Fiji Police Mobile Force, sometimes known as the riot squad, will undergo major changes to meet the threat of terrorism in the country.

Officers in the force are specially trained to handle volatile situations such as terrorist attacks, kidnappings and coups.

The police commissioner, Colonel Isikia Savua, has told the Fiji Times equipment and weapons replacement will be high on the agenda.

Colonel Savua says the need for these two items was obvious during the May 2000 coup when police could not contain marauding thugs wreaking havoc in the streets.

He says if the Mobile Force is fully equipped, it will be able to deal with such situations.

As well, Col Savua says with the recent bombings in Bali the police need to be prepared instead of sitting back and thinking it won't happen in Fiji.

He says changes in the Mobile Force, security provisions for the South Pacific Games and the recruitment of special constables will use up much of next year's police budget.