1 Nov 2002

Suspended Marshall Islands judge wants to disqualify the judge hearing the case

11:39 am on 1 November 2002

Suspended Marshall Islands Chief Justice, Charles Henry is seeking to disqualify the Palauan judge, Arthur Ngiraklsong, from hearing a criminal case against him on November 11.

Henry wants to disqualify the Palau Chief Justice because he intends to call him as a witness for the defence.

In response to the motion, Ngiraklsong ordered the Marshall's public defender to submit by tomorrow a memorandum with points and authorities supporting his dismissal.

Henry wants to call the Palaun judge as a witness to verify certain facts related to two of the seven counts of cheating and attempted cheating against him.

Henry is alleged to have used more than 14-thousand US dollars in government money for travel to conferences that were not authorized by his contract.

The Marshalls government suspended Henry with pay from his High Court duties until the outcome of the case.