4 Nov 2002

Danish bird expert says a greater effort is needed to save endangered species in Samoa

5:37 pm on 4 November 2002

A Danish scientist is calling for more effort by Samoa to protest its endangered species.

Dr Ulf Beichle, who wrote his doctoral thesis on Samoa's tooth-bill pigeon, has been studying birds there for 27 years.

He told the Sunday Samoan that a number of bird species are heading for extinction unless action is taken to stop hunters and the logging of the forests.

Dr Beichle says there is no enforcement of laws prohibiting the shooting of certain birds.

He says there the 20 species of birds native to Samoa and one non native species in the Salelologa forest which the Govenrment has earmarked for a new township.

Dr Beichle says these birds could become extinct if the forest is logged.