13 Nov 2002

Pressure to continue in Cook Islands for early elections

6:18 pm on 13 November 2002

A group of concerned citizens in the Cook Islands says it will continue to push for early elections as the fifth coalition government in less than four years looks shaky.

Elizabeth Ponga of the group for political change, says the prime minister, Dr Robert Woonton, is still refusing to set a date for early elections.

She says Dr Woonton told the group, which held a peaceful rally outside parliament, to give him two weeks during which he will work on constitutional changes to reduce the number of MPs.

Ms Ponga says the rally, which attracted over 150 people, is only the beginning of the pressure on politicians.

"People are tired of how they have forgotten about the people and have carried out things on their own and disregarded us completely and they forgot that it was the voters themselves that put them there, and we shouldn't be ignored but let us work together, and come back and consult with us, the people , before you do anything anymore."