14 Nov 2002

New Caledonian government dissolved after minister resigns

11:30 am on 14 November 2002

The New Caledonian government has been dissolved after the resignation of one of its members.

Gerard Courtot of the Caledonian Union party announced his resignation from the government yesterday.

The Caledonian Union, a member of the pro-independence FLNKS group, has also withdrawn the rest of its party list from government representation.

Under the organic law governing New Caledonia, a ministerial resignation automatically prompts the government's collapse and requires the Congress to elect a new administration within 15 days.

The Caledonian Union has cited the lack of collegiality in the anti-independence RPCR majority government as the reason for its action.

The government, led by RPCR member, Pierre Frogier, was halfway through its three year term.