18 Nov 2002

Fiji's military says it is investigating officers named by rebel soliders over 2000 mutiny

11:37 am on 18 November 2002

Fiji's military says it is investigating senior officers implicated in the November 2000 mutiny by rebel troops who have been found guilty and sentences to prison.

The troops had named several colonels and lieutenant colonels who they said either gave the order for the mutiny or had knowledge of it prior to the uprising, which was aimed at assassinating the military commander, Rear Admiral, Frank Banimarama.

The troops had named Colonel Ulaisi Vatu, Colonel Alfred Tuatoko and Lieutenant Colonel Filipo Tarakinikini among others.

A military spokesman, Neumi Leweni, says although the mutineers have been sentenced, the senior officers named would not just be left alone.

Warrant Officer Leweni says everyone implicated will be interviewed and that appropriate action would follow.

He says Rear Admiral Bainimarama has made it clear that he wants everyone behind the takeover brought to justice.