18 Nov 2002

An Indonesian military team is in Papua to investigate the Freeport shootings

10:46 am on 18 November 2002

An Indonesian military investigative team has arrived in the province of Papua to probe the shooting deaths of two Americans and an Indonesian near the giant Freeport mine in August.

The Jakarta Post reports that Papua police have confirmed the team will investigate allegations of military involvement in the killings.

Papua Police Deputy Chief Brigadier-General Raziman Tarigan confirmed it would investigate allegations of military involvement in the deaths.

The Brigadier-General, who led the police investigation, said it was better for the military to investigate the case.

The newspaper said the police do not have the authority to interrogate army personnel who said they killed a Papuan shortly after the murders.

Forensic examinations have shown that the Papuan, said by the military to be a separatist rebel, was killed at least six hours before the shootings