21 Nov 2002

Telpac rejects Fiji claims about its status

5:55 pm on 21 November 2002

The head of the telecommunications company TELPAC, Tim Gibbons, says he's not worried about repeated claims that his operations in Fiji are illegal.

This follows a comment by the director of communications, Josua Turaganivalu, who has again spoken out against TELPAC.

The company has been offering cheaper overseas calls through digital technology and it plans to build two earth stations to bring down the cost of overseas communication.

Mr Gibbons says TELPAC runs its operations legally and he says Mr Turaganivalu should be encouraging competition as outlined under the Posts and Telecommunications Decree of 1989.

"Each time that he steps outside of those duties we'll slap him down in the face with Fijian law. That's why in this country you can't be too concerned with what government says you have to be with what government passes and legislates and we look at what government says in the form of what were they willing to put into writing and what are they willing to enforce into the courts that in our opinion is when we listen to government, we don't listen to government mouths we listen to governments pens."

Tim Gibbons.