22 Nov 2002

Lawyer for re-instated American Samoan senator hopeful of issue resolution

5:07 pm on 22 November 2002

The lawyer for the reinstated American Samoa senator, Fa'amausili Pola, says he hopes the Senate reacts positively to the high court ruling that his expulsion was illegal.

The senate expelled him because a majority of its members objected to the way he was selected for the post.

But in its judgement, the court said senator Fa'amausili remains the sitting senator of the Manu'a district number one.

Lawyer Charles Ala'ilima says the ruling showed that the senate acted outside the constitution when it held a second vote to remove Fa'amausili in September.

"The only thing the court was deciding was whether he was properly or improperly removed. Any other issues would be decided later on and we don't know how the senate will react to the decision of the court. And I wouldn't say it's the senate. It's basically the leadership of the senate. If they react positively and working together then hopefully we will not have to take any further action."