27 Nov 2002

Fiji MP calls for coup plotters to be exposed

6:36 am on 27 November 2002

A senior Fiji Labour Party, Poseci Bune, has called for those behind the May 2000 coup to be exposed.

Radio Fiji says Mr Bune made the call in parliament, saying reconciliation among indigenous Fijians will only happen if the identities of those behind the coup are revealed.

He says Fijian differences cannot be resolved if problems are swept under the carpet.

He says the dismissal of the tehn army commander-in-chief and Fiji's president, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, by some of the army top brass a week after the coup was an act of mutiny and should be investigated.

He says those involved should be held responsible if there is to be cleansing among indigenous Fijians.

Mr Bune says there are double standards at work when only the vulnerable are taken to task while those higher up are enabled to escape the law.