27 Nov 2002

Solomons police warn public not to take law in own hands

10:32 am on 27 November 2002

Police in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara, have warned residents against using the recent killing of a policeman on Guadalcanal's weather coast as an excuse to break the law by harassing others.

A group of Malaitan men entered the Honiara Hotel and a local business, demanding beer and firing shots in the air.

The police say the two businesses are owned by Asian families who have been long time residents.

One of the shops disturbed belongs to MP and government envoy to Guadalcanal's southern coast, Yukio Sato, and the hotel is owned by the family of the finance minister, Laurie Chan.

Our correspondent says relatives are angry about the policeman's death and blame it on some members of the political and business community.