28 Nov 2002

New Caledonia to elect new government

9:29 am on 28 November 2002

The New Caledonian Congress is to meet this morning to elect a new 10-member government.

This comes two weeks after the Caledonian Union's only minister, Gerald Cortot, resigned in a move that automatically led to the dissolution of the collegial government.

The election also follows yesterday's court ruling which dimissed a complaint by the Caledonian Union's Nicole Waia challenging the process for the formation of the new administration.

Congress decided to cut the size of the executive from 11 to ten for today's vote which Ms Waia said was not for parliament to decide but a matter to be determined by the signatories of the Noumea accord.

The vote is widely expected to see the return of Pierre Frogier as president and the election of Roch Wamytan as a vice-president.