28 Nov 2002

Kiribati opposition leader within the law on crest use

5:07 pm on 28 November 2002

Lawyers for Kiribati's opposition leader, Dr Harry Tong, have advised him he is within his rights by using the national emblem on party pamphlets ahead of tomorrow's general election.

As the country prepares to head to the polls, President Teburoro Tito has instigated action against Dr Tong over the opposition's alleged breach of the country's Identity Act in using the national emblem.

Opposition spokesman, Brian Orme says police went to Dr Tong's house last night in "a considerable force" with the intention of arresting him, but he was not at home.

Mr Orme says there is nothing misleading or improper about Dr Tong's use of the Kiribati crest...

"It's just harassment, we're taking it seriously, a bit concerned about what's going to happen today, but we believe our legal advice is perfectly within our legal rights to display the flag in the method which we've done."

Opposition spokesman Brian Orme.