4 Dec 2002

Plans in Solomon Islands for relief supplies for villagers as soon as Keke caught

6:02 pm on 4 December 2002

The Solomon Islands Disaster Emergency Management Office says it has grave concerns about the 5-thousand people in risk areas of the Weathercoast needing food and medical supplies.

The Office's Director, Lottie Yates says he is worried about the lack of access by emergency officers to the 5-thousand people still within areas controlled by the rebel warlord Harold Keke.

Mr Yates says he is anticipating police success in capturing Keke and that the emergency office is planning for a quick deployment of aid supplies to the 5-thousand when that happens.

He says however that providing relief supplies quickly to the Weathercoast people is only possible if aid donors commit to provide funding.

"We would like to go in there and we were just preparing, and if and when we get funding, we could actually mobilise, if and when the police can confirm to us, that it is now safe to move in ..."

Lottie Yates, the Solomon Islands Disaster Emergency Management office director