6 Dec 2002

Another Fiji court martial to be held in Suva

6:26 am on 6 December 2002

Fiji soldiers who defied their senior officers and seized control of the army barracks in Labasa at the height of the post coup insurrection two years ago will be court martialled soon.

Radio Fiji says the 56 soldiers will stand trial in Suva.

The army's media cell says the men will be transported to the navy base near Suva this weekend but a date for the court martial is yet to be set.

Meanwhile, Fiji troops have ended 24 years of United Nations peacekeeping duties in southern Lebanon.

The last batch of 200 troops returned home yesterday.

Official celebrations to mark their 24 years of service and to welcome them back will be held on Suva later this month.

More than 30 Fiji troops died in Lebanon in this period.