7 Dec 2002

Plans to overthrown Fiji government began in 1999

7:47 am on 7 December 2002

The high court in Fiji has been told that meetings to plan to overthrow the Labour party government began in 1999 as soon as its coalition government came to power.

The Fiji Sun says this was revealed by defence witness, Peceli Vuniwa, in the misprison of treason trail against nationalist politician, Viliame Savu.

Vuniwa, who is serving a sentence on Nukulau Island for his role in the coup, told the court that Savu was not present at any of the meetings he attended.

Vuniwa also admitted that he was one of those who accompanied George Speight and his army gunmen into parliament on the day of the coup.

He said he knew the act was wrong but he believed in the cause of the coup.