9 Dec 2002

Solomons Government says the economy is starting to pick up

5:30 pm on 9 December 2002

The government in SolomonIslands claims it has halted the economy's decline.

Finance Minister, Laurie Chan, says the government's economic performance is its greatest achievement for 2002.

He says the Solomons are moving into positive economic growth for the first time in recent years.

From Honiara, George Atkin hs more:

"Mr Chan says the government can, must and will build on the achievement but he warns that any return to civil disobedience, terrorism or corruption will quickly plunge the country back into recession, negative growth and a very sad wasted future. Mr Chan says it is all about choices, the people can work, grow and build on a solid future together or they can stand idly by and watch those who are trying to make things better be frustrated and tormented at every turn. He says the government cannot and will not accept a return to hostility and mayhem in the community because people want and deserve a peaceful existence with jobs and opportunities for prosperity and self improvement"