9 Dec 2002

Veteran Kiribati politician predicts a change of Government

5:44 pm on 9 December 2002

In Kiribati, re-elected opposition MP and the country's founding President, Ieremia Tabai, says he believes the people have shown they want a change of government.

The Government of Teburoro Tito, has suffered significant losses in the poll, which finished with a secound round of voting on Friday.

President Tito retained his seat, though he was forced into the second round of voting, and seven of his Cabinet Ministers are among 14 MPs from his administration to lose their seats. .

The final shape of the 42 member parliament is unclear as its not known who many of the new MPs will support.

Ieremia Tabai though says the signs are there will be a change of Government.

"the Government lost about all the ministers except two and all the new members I know are most likely to be on our side, but we are going to confirm that once they are all in, probably towards the end of this month or early January, but I think the indications are such that I think the mood of the people is for a change of government"