11 Dec 2002

Kiribati private radio could be on the air in 20 days

5:53 pm on 11 December 2002

The veteran Kiribati politician and the country's founding President, Ieremia Tabai, says he is very excited at finally getting the go ahead for his private radio station.

The Government issued him a licence for the FM station this morning after he had struggled for four years to obtain one.

Mr Tabai had issued legal action around two months ago over the Government's refusal, and this action was set to go ahead next week or the week after.

He says they are close to being ready to go on the air but will probably wait to launch the station on January 1st.

Mr Tabai says the station will offer news bulletins, talkback shows and music.

"what we are trying to do is offer the people, the public, the listening public, an option as to what they can listen to. And we will be a better service than what's been provided by the government and you know we have a competitor ....but in my view it is going to be an exciting period, because it is the first time in our history that a private radio station has been on the air"