17 Dec 2002

Doctor in Samoa concerned about lack of accurate records

7:32 pm on 17 December 2002

The president of Samoa's general practitioner's association, Leo'o Dr Tuitama, is calling on the Health Minister to take action over his department's slack administration.

Leo'o, who is also an MP, says the department is no longer collecting any information from private doctors on the numbers of patients or illnesses they are treating.

He says this means the country has no accurate record on communicable diseases, like dengue fever or typhoid, that people have had to be treated for.

Leo'o says they've spoken previously to health minister, Mulitalo Siafausa, about their concerns but nothing has happened.

"When the health departments plans for the future of health care, its plans will not be based on the true representation of the problems, because the picture that they have is only part of the picture, but they don't have the full picture of the range and the security of certain diseases and illnesses they might prioritize"

Leo'o says the GP's association has written to Mulitalo asking for another meeting.