18 Dec 2002

Solomons MPs told Prime Minister lacks the ability to run the country in lead up to no confidence vo

4:47 pm on 18 December 2002

The Solomon Islands Opposition leader, Patteson Oti, has accused the Prime Minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, of lacking the political will and ability to govern the country.

He made the claim in Parliament this morning while introducing his motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister's leadership.

George Atkin reports from the Solomon Islands national parliament.

"Mr Oti says because Sir Allen lacks the political will he has been unable to do the things he has promised to do for the country. He says Sir Allen also lacks the ability and the capability to rule Solomon Islands. Mr Oti says the administration has been in power for a year but has failed to perform to the people's expectations, adding it has not set the foundation it needs for the country's development over the next five years. But Mr Oti noted Sir Allen's efforts in the previous administration in brokering peace between the warring parties...the debate on the motion of no confidence is expected to continue throughout this afternoon"