18 Dec 2002

Fiji Methodists oppose artificial insemination

5:52 am on 18 December 2002

Fiji's Methodist Church is demanding that a section of the proposed Family Law Bill dealing with artificial insemination be deleted.

In a submission to the parliamentary select committee reviewing the bill, the church says in marriage the family alone is the God-given institution for procreation.

It says that if it is the government's intention that artificial insemination and artificial conception be legalised, there are vital and very important religious, cultural and ethical considerations that must be considered.

The Methodist Church says the full consequences on human society of producing children through artificial insemination are not clear and have not been tested.

It says Fiji must not allow itself to become a testing ground for what it calls such dangerous and undesirable scientific and social experiments.

The church says sections of the Family Law Bill which regard de facto relationships as legal marriages for the purpose of having children through artifical insemination can be interpreted as legalising same sex de facto relationships.

The Methodist Church says it objects to any attempt to legalise such immoral practices including polygamous marriages.