20 Dec 2002

SICA calls on Solomons ex-finance minister to explain resignation

11:31 am on 20 December 2002

The Solomon Islands Christian Association's Peace Office says former finance minister, Laurie Chan, should publicly explain his sudden resignation last week.

Mr Chan resigned after the Government had agreed to make a payment to special constables after they had trashed a Government office and staged a mass robbery of an adjacent store.

This came soon after he had called, when introducing his Budget, for unplanned payments to end and for government to clean up its act.

The Peace Office's Judy Fangalasu'u says it's important for the accountability and transparency of government that Mr Chan had called for, that he provide an honest explanation of why he resigned.

"It was just on the eve of the parliament talking about the budget, and then the finance minister resigned. This brings up a lot of questions in the minds of people. The public would like to know the reasons behind that resignation. And if he was serious about what he said, then he should stay on to see that it is carried through. That kind of leadership is what people are looking for."

The Solomon Islands Christian Association's Judy Fangalasu'u.