3 Feb 2003

Fiji Labour Party leader hits back at criticism

5:19 pm on 3 February 2003

The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says criticism of his leadership are all lies and the Indian community still has confidence in what he is doing.

The statement follows criticism by Labour's chief administrative official, John Ali, who has resigned citing Mr Chaudhry as the cause of the party's and the country's problems.

Mr Ali has told the Daily Post that the future of the country is bleak and doubtful and called for a change of leadership.

He says Mr Chaudhry's leadership style was the reason for the May 2000 coup and continues to be the reason for the division between the two major races in Fiji.

Mr Ali says Mr Chaudhry's attitude is the reason why Fijians do not want to lease their land and this is the cause of the downfall of the sugar industry.

He says Mr Chaudhry is just trying to further his political career by wanting to be a part of the Qarase government, but Labour and the SDL party would never be able to work together.

But Mr Chaudhry says he is not affected by Mr Ali's comments.

The Labour leader says he considering taking legal action.