5 Feb 2003

Solomon Islands police commissioner says demobilisation continues

5:47 pm on 5 February 2003

The new Solomon Islands police commissioner, William Morrell, says the demobilisation of the special constables is continuing despite some resistance from the group.

Commissioner Morrell, who took up the post last week, says 159 of the 800 special constables to be made redundant signed up yesterday to the voluntary UNDP programme to demobilise.

And, he says he expects more to do so in the coming week.

Commissioner Morrell says demobilisation is another step towards stability.

"It is a fundamental issue that we must demobolise the special constabulary and get back to a sort of a base line, where we can then start building up again the regular police service and then if we need further special constables, and I suspect we do in time, but we do a proper selection process and train them and equip them appropriately."

Commissioner William Morrell.