10 Feb 2003

Marshall Islands officials quash rumours about tuna commission headquarters

4:55 pm on 10 February 2003

Officials in the Marshall Islands have moved to quash uncertainty over the placement of a new tuna management commission headquarters.

The director of the Marshall Marine Resources Authority, Danny Wase, said any suggestion that the headquarters are not to be in Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia was absurd.

He said a decision was taken at a conference in Manila last November and it was now time to move on to other issues.

The proposed Tuna Commission will be set up to manage the fishery and ensure that resources are not overstretched.

The country hosting the headquarters will beneift through employment opportunities, conferences and workshops.

An offical in Fiji has recently been reported as saying the vote for Pohnpei was a recommendation only and a lecturer from the Universtiy of the South Pacific said the decision still had to be finalised.

But Mr Wase said the decision had been agreed to by consensus