14 Feb 2003

Fiji government objects to Samoa press report about Fiji violence

4:26 pm on 14 February 2003

The Fiji government has issued a statement to counter claims by the publisher of the Samoa Observer newspaper about violence in Fiji.

It says this week's editorial by Savea Sano Malifa was an uncalled for and cheap shot at promoting Samoa as a better tourism destination than Fiji.

The statement was issued after the editorial described Fiji as rolling in violence and not being a country for the faint-hearted.

The Fiji Visitors Bureau says Savea's intentions need to be investigated as it appears clear that he wants to portray a negative picture of Fiji that is opposite from what Fiji is experiencing.

It was the Samoa Observer's second editorial in two weeks critical of Fiji.

The previous one focused on race relations and alleged a lack of intermarriage which prompted ethnic Indian politicians to object.