18 Feb 2003

Preparations for Kiribati Presidential elections next week going smoothly

5:58 pm on 18 February 2003

Campaigning by Kiribati's three presidential candidates leading into next Tuesday's elections have been fair and with little tension according to the Electoral Office.

The Acting Chief Electoral Officer, Rene Ueara says electioneering is smooth compared to that of last years national elections.

The presidential race is expected to be between opposition MP for North Tabiteuea, Taberannang Timeon and the incumbent Teburoro Tito.

The third candidate is another opposition MP who Mr Timeon says has been nominated to fulfill the constitutional requirement of having a minimum three people vying for President.

Ms Ueara says so far the leadup to the vote has been trouble free.

"Presidents campaigning it's okay.. there's nothing being reported, nothing serious. Polling will start on the 25th, from 7 o'clock in the morning to 6 in the evening. The counting takes us a day or two, and that's when we can say that someone has been elected."

Rene Ueara, Kiribati's Acting Chief Electoral Officer.