20 Feb 2003

Two New Zealand police fly to Solomon Islands for investigation

12:06 pm on 20 February 2003

New Zealand is sending two police officers to Solomon Islands to take part in the investigation into the killing of Sir Frederick Soaki last week.

New Zealand's high commissioner in Honiara, Heather Riddell, says the two, who arrive today, will initially spend a week in the country.

Ms Riddell says the police commissioner, William Morrell, initiated the request.

"We have received a request from Solomon Islands government for assistance with the investigation. we have two police arriving in Solomon islands and they will be talking to the police commissioner, Bill Morrell, about how they might help with the investigation which is being conducted by the Royal Solomon Islands Police."

New Zealand's high commissioner in Honiara, Heather Riddell.

Solomon Islands police say they do not yet have any suspects or a motive for the killing of Sir Fred, who was shot dead by a gunman in a restaurant in Auki in Malaita province.

Sir Fred was in Auki to take part in a United Nations sponsored workshop aimed at decommissioning the country's 800 special constables.