22 Feb 2003

Fiji government deports Sudanese academic on security grounds

8:03 am on 22 February 2003

Authorities in Fiji have deported the head of an Islamic educational institute because he was considered a security threat.

The Fiji Times says Abdul Majid was escorted out of the country yesterday by immigration officials and sent to his homeland Sudan.

The director of immigration, Joseph Browne, has confirmed the expulsion, saying the order came from the secretary for home affairs, Col Jeremaia Waqanisau.

Although he did not specify what sort of security threat Mr Majid posed to Fiji, Mr Browne confirmed security was the reason for his expulsion because of reports received by the ministry of home affairs.

Mr Majid was head of the Suva-based Islamic Institute of the South Pacific and had lived in Fiji for 18 years.