5 Mar 2003

Fiji MP says legal suit over road block has little support

5:22 pm on 5 March 2003

A Fiji Labour party MP says most farmers near Sigatoka are not taking part in a legal case against landowners over a four year long roadblock which has just been lifted.

The landowners forced people in the Nabitu settlement to pay illegal tolls to use the road.

The deadlock was broken last Friday after the government paid 14,000 U.S. dollars to the landowners who were claiming compensation for the use of land on which the road was built.

It was then reported that a writ had been filed in the Lautoka high court by Sunil Datt on behalf of 78 tenant families.

But, MP, Lekh Ram Vyashnoi, says most farmers aren't taking part in the court action.

"As their representative to parliament, I have spoken to one of the very prominent farmers there, and he told me it maybe the work of a few disgruntled from our settlement here, but definitely the majority are unaware of any writ or anything of that nature."

Mr Vyashnoi is instead calling for the government to consider reconciliation for the farmers and their families who were affected.