6 Mar 2003

Workers in Vanuatu promise more protests against debit tax

11:29 am on 6 March 2003

Workers in Vanautu say the Finance Minister Sela Molisa should resign for introducing the debit tax, which the national trade union council says will rob the grassroots of their meagre earnings.

Under the debt tax deductions of around 10 cents are made from bank transactions of ten US dollars or more.

The council secretary general, Ephraim Kalsakau, says it should have been consulted prior to the introduction since it is their workers who will be most affected.

There has also been criticism from the national council of women and the Port Vila chiefs council, with calls for a peaceful demonstration over the tax.

And the Opposition says the recent damage to a fence at the Finance Minister's house and to the Reserve Bank building are also signs of protest over the tax.