13 Mar 2003

Niue confident it can successfully host next years Forum

5:52 pm on 13 March 2003

Niue's Premier Young Vivian is confident his country can successfully host next year's Pacific Islands Forum summit.

Niue is lodging a bid to host the summit and will have to provide accommodation for up to 200 or 300 leaders and officials, as well as a fleet of limousines.

Mr Vivian says that despite Niue's limited accommodation resources, there are various ways of coping...

"We've done it before and I think we can handle it again this time. I think the people in the last Forums, say in Kiribati and Nauru, they handled it quite well and the numbers were not that many, simply because people knew that the place was small and they send small delegations."

Niue's Premier Young Vivian