14 Mar 2003

Solomon Islands opposition calls on government to come clean over airline deal

12:30 pm on 14 March 2003

The Solomon Islands opposition has called on the government to come clean over an alleged backhand deal with an overseas company, which it says will put Solomon Airlines out of business.

The opposition's foreign affairs spokesman, Alfred Sasako, says he has a copy of a letter which the prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, sent to the director of Norris Dynam Corporation.

Mr Sasako says the letter invites the company to set up a new airline in Solomon Islands and promises that the government will fast-track the necessary legislation.

"The prime minister should not be using his office for petty matters like this. I think there are responsible ministers fro these areas. It appears that the government is well and truly and the path of selling off the Solomon Airlines. Now if that is the case the government should be more open about it."

Alfred Sasako says the ramifications of such a deal for Solomon Airlines and its employees are very serious.