15 Mar 2003

Tonga's cyclone damage assessed

10:04 am on 15 March 2003

Tonga's Disaster Management Office, says Cyclone Eseta has severely damaged several buildings on the main island, Tongatapu.

The management office has been assessing the damage caused by the tropical cyclone which ripped through parts of the country with winds of up to 240 kilometres an hour.

The Acting Director, Maliu Takai, says a stretch of beach resorts in the western district have been devastated, and facilities around the harbour of the southern island of Eua have been badly damaged and closed to the public.

"Apart from that, a few minor damages to dwelling houses. We are trying to get in touch with one of the Ha'apai outer islands but communication is down. So apart from that there is no injuries, no life lost."

The Acting Director of Tonga's Disaster Management Office, Maliu Takai.