17 Mar 2003

UNDP starts teaching skills to demobilised "special constables" in the Solomons

6:25 am on 17 March 2003

The United Nations Development Programme, which is helping demobilize special constables in Solomon Islands, will from today start teaching them basic business skills.

Removing the special constables from the police force is seen as a key to restoring law and order in the Solomons.

The UNDPs Dr Ishmael Wise says nearly seven hundred special constables have let the police force and many are keen to take up the UNDP's offer to be assisted into micro businesses.

But he says a number have asked for help with book-keeping and basic business management.

"......and for the next two or three weeks we are planning a series of workshops in business management, in book-keeping and other fields as well. As soon as they are through with this sort of training they can go ahead with their projects."