20 Mar 2003

Fiji's acting police commissioner calls for appointment of expatriate commissioner

10:06 am on 20 March 2003

Fiji's acting police commissioner, Moses Driver, says he wants an expatriate to be appointed the next commissioner.

Mr Driver says this is because of the allegations made against the former commissioner, Col Isikia Savua's involvement in the coup, its effects on the police force and the political situation in the country.

Mr Driver says he belives an expatriate should be brought in for three years to restore public confidence in the force and attract overseas confidence.

Mr Driver, who is not an applicant for the commissioner's position, says he has recommended an expatriate appointment to the Constitutional Services Commission which has been interviewing local candidates for the position.

The previous commissioner, Col Savua, is now Fiji's ambassador to the United Nations but it was revealed in the recent treason trial that he had sanctioned the coup during a conversation with George Speight.

Mr Driver says Col Savua's departure had made a difference to the coup investigations.