20 Mar 2003

Guam governor releases economic recovery plan

4:08 pm on 20 March 2003

The Guam governor, Felix Camacho, has released an economic recovery plan which he says will help grow the economy by 33 percent in three years.

The Camacho administration estimates that its Ten Strategic Initiatives will increase the island's output to 3.6 billion US dollars in 2006.

The Initiatives are headed by plans to promote tourism aggressively, work on problems at Guam Waterworks Authority and the increase of a military presence in the territory.

Gerry Perez from the Economic Development and Commerce Authority says the territory would need about 1.5 million tourists in 2006 to reach projections.

Governor Camacho says Guam will also pursue a full air wing for Andersen Air Force Base.

Meanwhile the administration says the plan does not take into account the effects on tourism from the war in Iraq.

A spokesperson, John Dela Rosa, says the governor released the plan to meet an earlier schedule and so other initiatives were not delayed.