25 Mar 2003

Review of ban on Taimi O Tonga continues in Nuku Alofa

4:53 pm on 25 March 2003

The judicial review of a Tongan Government ban of the Taimi O Tonga newspaper has entered its second day with two Cabinet ministers taking the stand.

The newspaper was deemed a prohibited import last month and was later declared a prohibited document by Tonga's Privy Council.

The paper presented its seven witnesses yesterday including Taimi o Tonga staff, local academic Futa Helu and former president of the Pacific Island News Association, Tavake Fusimalohi.

This morning the government started its case with police minister Clive Edwards taking the stand.

The Finance minister and chief customs officer, Siosiua Utoikamanu was to be the second of the government's four witnesses this afternoon.

A decision is expected by the end of the week.