28 Mar 2003

Marshall Islands says Iraq war has little impact on local business so far

4:18 pm on 28 March 2003

Officials in the Marshall Islands say although there are early indications that the US-led war in Iraq is causing some intending visitors to cancel their plans there has been little impact as a result of the first week of fighting.

Yokwe Divers' Julie Snider and Bikini Atoll Divers' Brenda Waltz say they've experienced a handful of cancellations by scuba divers.

However, Ms Waltz says that 2003, expected to be Bikini's biggest year ever, is still looking good.

Meanwhile, both Robert Reimers Hotel manager, Colette Reimers, and Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort general manager, Grant James, say they've seen no decline in bookings yet.

But Mr James says a long war could hurt occupancy rates, particularly its base of business customers.