2 Apr 2003

Solomons Government pleas for striking teachers to return to work

6:17 am on 2 April 2003

The Solomon Islands Government's pleas for striking teachers to return to work look likely to be ignored.

The Education Minister, Francis Zama, says an understanding has been reached with the teachers union, SINTA, that just one fortnight pay period is outstanding, and that it will be paid this week.

He says he hopes that the teachers will now be recalled to classes to begin today.

"it's difficult times and we just need more understanding, teachers, parents, the children who are badly affected by this, and we are sort of appealing to everybody, the teachers especially and the general secretary to recall all the teachers currently on strike"

Francis Zama.

However the union general secretary Fred Taika says the teachers will not even consider returning until after the outstanding wages, plus this week's scheduled salary payments, and union fees and credit union dues, are paid.