2 Apr 2003

Nauru government says public servants will be paid outstanding wages

4:23 pm on 2 April 2003

Nauru's Finance Minister Remy Namaduk says public workers will be paid their outstanding wages as stipulated in the 2003 budget.

Mr Namaduk says allocations for government salaries have been made in the budget which was passed before the deadline for parliament to dissolve last week.

The opposition had claimed that public servants were not paid for several months last year causing many to resign.

Mr Namaduk says the priority for the government is to pay public workers their outstanding wages.

"Government is working on it.... we are slowly catching up on the backlog of public service payrolls and things like that because in theory you know we've got to do the right thing."

Mr Namaduk says the budget needed to be passed before general elections in five weeks.

He says the current government is responsible for ensuring that the newly elected administration has a budget in place to take it through to the end of the fiscal year in june.