3 Apr 2003

Shadrack Fanega reappointed to Solomons Finance Ministry

10:30 am on 3 April 2003

The Solomon Islands Government has re-appointed Shadrach Fanega as permanent secretary of the troubled Finance Ministry, 15 months after sacking him from the post.

Mr Fanega comes to the Ministry after the two previous secretaries fled after being harassed and threatened by members of the public who demanded they make unauthorised payments.

Parts of the Ministry have been closed to the public for several weeks to discourage people from collecting there and intimidating the staff.

The Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza says he made a mistake replacing Mr Fanega last year with New Zealander Lloyd Powell.

Meanwhile Mr Fanega says he has only accepted the post after having serious and frank talks with the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance Snyder Rini.