16 Apr 2003

Solomons National Peace Council raises queries over missing police guns

6:47 pm on 16 April 2003

The Solomon Islands National Peace Council wants police to account for around 200 weapons it says are missing from the police armoury in Honiara.

The Chairman of the NPC, Paul Tovua, says the guns were among those surrendered during the gun amnesty period and the understanding was they would not be touched.

He says the NPC believes the guns are being used by a police team hunting rebel Harold Keke on the Weather Coast, but fears that some of those weapons have found their way back into the clutches of former militants in Honiara.

Mr Tovua says gun shots are still being heard around the capital so this is evidence the guns are in the wrong hands.

He met with police commissioner William Morrell, today to discuss the matter.