25 Apr 2003

Solomon Islanders told that effort needed from everyone to restore the economy and law and order

3:12 pm on 25 April 2003

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza says his government's efforts to restore law and order, as well as to rebuild the economy, are making steady progress.

But he says the road ahead in the two critical areas is still difficult and requires considerable effort from everyone involved.

Sir Allen comments came during an Economic Association Forum on the national economic recovery and development plan.

The Prime Minister says the government is committed to producing a credible and realistic 5-year economic recovery plan, and says some parts of its are ready for public debate while the rest is being finalised

Sir Allen told the forum that his government intends to present the plan to development partners in mid-June for consideration for possible funding.

He says it's the government's hope that the aid donors will help to fully carry out the plan.