30 Apr 2003

Catholic schools in Samoa plea for government help with wages

5:05 pm on 30 April 2003

The Catholic Education Office in Samoa says the Government must step in and pay the wages of its teachers.

The Office director, Chris Hazelman, says while the Catholic schools are increasingly in demand, they cannot get the teachers they need, because they cannot match the salaries paid in state schools.

He says this has led to classes in excess of 40 pupils.

Mr Hazelman says for some time the Office has been asking the Government to follow the practice of other parts of the Pacific where the state pays the wages of teachers at mission schools.

He says they are now trying to get the mission schools set up by other churches in Samoa to support their call.

"We also have a large number of schools from the Congregational Christian Church and there are also the Methodist Churches as well and so to really get our message across is to try and get the other core mission schools to be involved in this as well."