6 May 2003

Opposition MP says Solomons parliament must meet now

10:39 am on 6 May 2003

A Solomon Islands opposition MP says the government must convene parliament as soon as possible to deal with the ongoing law and order problems and the country's economic crisis.

Alfred Sasako was responding to an announcement from the Prime Minister's office that parliament will not sit until November.

The office says the government wants to complete the work on the planned federal system and this will take until September.

And it says the financial problems have also caused it to delay calling parliament.

But Mr Sasako says the government is trying to avoid debate about its lack of leadership.

He says its claims about money restraints are baseless because revenue in January and February was several million dollars above budget forecasts.

"The figures for March also exceeded budget forecast by something like three-point-three million dollars, so really it's not a question of money, I think it is the question of leadership it is the question that people do not want to tackle head on."