6 May 2003

Guam Attorney General dismisses lawyers concerns over his new powers

4:28 pm on 6 May 2003

The Attorney-General says he welcomes yesterday's Superior Court decision which exempts his office from conflict of interest rules that apply to private lawyers in Guam.

The ruling means that Douglas Moylan's office will now be able to both sue and represent the government of Guam.

Mr Moylan, who is Guam's first appointed Attorney-General, says the ruling will both empower and protect his office.

He says the Guam Bar Association, which had complained that the AG's office could not do both jobs properly, had their own interests in mind.

"We have here a Guam Bar Association, made up of private lawyers that have for many years, suckled off of the government of Guam to private contracts, giving them their hourly rates, and millions of dollars, for sevices from the government...These people have a vested interest in seeing a weak attorney general's office"

Douglas Moylan says he hopes that the new ruling will eventually cover autonomous government entities like the Guam Airport which paid over 1-POINT-1 million US dollars to private lawyers last year.